Connecting with your child through play...

Child-led play (Playlistening) lets children show their genius! 

Mentors will model play skills and coach you as you explore your connection with your child.  The play is freeform and physical.  Adults, while always in charge of the situation, follow children's lead and, ultimately, give them the upper hand in pillow play contests, horsey rides and chasing. 

The laughter, connection and focussed attention that children enjoy during this time, builds their confidence, intelligence and their emotional resilience.  Importantly, also, the extent to which Playlistening and Special Time build connection and trust in the parent-child relationship is profound.  Children feel safer to show you what's in their hearts and what's on their minds

Play Events

Course Duration:






Usually 2 hours

You can book us to come to your organisation to run a Play Event.

Or, we will keep you posted here on upcoming Play Events that we have coming up.  

Please register your interest in Play Events!



$200 per hour within 35 kms of Plympton, Sth Australia with a maximium of 8 children.


$40 per child per 2 hour session - Event size limited to 10 children per qualified Play Event Instructor.




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