"There are insufficient services for families. The unmet need incredibly outstrips the services … Parenting by Connection is a highly effective program:  It is well structured and brings about results – the end result is the true test of any program (former executive director within the Department of Families and Communities)" 


When you make a donation to Community Transformations, you are investing in the future of society. You are helping to make sure all goes well. Parenting is vital work that is largely unpaid and seriously under resourced. Universally, parents have great love for their children, and universally they struggle hard to find just the right tools to meet their children's core needs. As if this was not difficult enough, they are experiencing the additional challenge of a society that is increasingly disconnected. 


Through recent studies, we know that parent-child connectedness is the single strongest indicator that an adolescent will reach adulthood without experiencing teen pregnancy or violence, without becoming addicted to drugs or tobacco, and without dropping out of high school.


We bring Hand in Hand's transforming program to parents in Australia with the goal of ensuring that more and more will have the opportunity to learn the tools that will truly connect them with their children.  Here is  a link to the video clip.


Please consider helping us to reach increasing numbers of parents and play a really significant role in transforming families and communities.   


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Disregard for the work of parenting is universal - it affects every parent regardless of income, along with their children and, ultimately, our whole society. It is not possible to avoid the difficulties and obstacles that result from the disregard for parenting work.  If we are to move to a more human, healthier and caring society, we must change the way we resource the job of parenting. Your donation will make a power of difference - it will help to change the world.  









An excerpt from the Executive Summary of Evaluation on the Sustainability of the Parenting by Connection Program for Community Benefit SA, Loretta Geuenich, Research Officer, Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management, School of Politics and International Studies, Flinders University.  (Loretta Geuenich and Prof Jo Baulderstone conduct the evaluations of the FACHSIA-funded Communities for Children Project in the south of Adelaide.)



"The Parenting by Connection program recognises that parenting is a complex task that continues to challenge parents for in excess of 20 years. The program has shown the importance of supporting parents through an approach that: 


  • Nurtures and frees parents’ intelligence through, stress release, emotional healing, peer support and confidence building; 

  • Encourages parents to develop on an ongoing basis their own parenting wisdom through implementation and ongoing appropriation of the Parenting by Connection ‘Listening to Children’ tools; 

  • Offers the possibility of deep and lasting change to parent-child relationships and attachment, as well as increased connection with partners and in other relationships in general. This is supported by well-trained and qualified leaders and instructors who have undertaken both theoretical and practical training in the approach; 

  • Offers the possibility of ongoing support and development given that engagement with parenting occurs for around 20+ years; and 

  • Develops community-based, peer support, and leadership through building a movement of parents who help build community capacity through their own increasing parenting expertise and sense of belonging. 


The program has supported a range of positive outcomes for parents, children, and families as a whole including partners and with extended family members. Additional outcomes were reported in the areas of social networks and in the workplace. Changes were observed and reported included: 


  • Increased connection and attachment; 

  • positive behaviour changes 

  • stronger and more open relationships; 

  • increased confidence and esteem; 

  • increased capacity for working with emotions and complexity; 

  • decreased stress, anxiety and isolation; 

  • enhanced problem solving and life management capacity; 

  • families more relaxed and able to enjoy each other; 

  • a sense of community with other local parents; and 

  • a sense of greater wellbeing. 


In addition the program appears to have supported the building of community capacity through increased parenting expertise, stronger social networks and ties, and the development of local community-based parent leadership. 


"There are insufficient services for families. The unmet need incredibly outstrips the services … Parenting by Connection is a highly effective program: It is, well structured and brings about results – the end result is the true test of any program (Ex-Executive director –DFC)" 


Parenting by Connection articulates well with a wide range of local and national policy frameworks and responds to global calls for early intervention and prevention approaches to child protection and community safety (Parkinson 2011; and Allen 2011).


However, the challenge for programs like Parenting by Connection is securing longer-term funding which will allow it to expand its base, thereby supporting more families and opening up more leadership pathways which will enable greater sustainability of both learning and supports for families in need. 


"I feel much better Parenting by Connection than ‘parenting by punishment’" (Participant) Parenting by Connection Program". "