You can make a difference in how the next generation is raised – become qualified to teach Parenting by Connection.


Connection is vital to children.  It builds close, healthy relationships that last a lifetime.  Children thrive on connection - they learn well in school, lead non-violent lives, develop healthy relationships, make good decisions, develop sound judgment and grow into compassionate and caring adults. 


Parenting by Connection transforms families and communities, bringing ever more joy and closeness to parent-child relationships.


​Join an Australian team of Instructors and an ever-growing international team.


This year-long program, starting April 2014, is open to individuals with the skills and experience to teach, support and mentor parents and child care professionals as they learn the tools of Parenting by Connection.   We are offering a distance-learning program, along with our local training sessions.


We will have Q and A (question and answer) session by phone conference in the second week of January 2014 for interested people. Soon there will be a video, too, featuring trainees from 2013 talking about their experience.






For more details about the program for both local and distance learners, email or phone Ann on 08 7127 2271.  


Instructor Certification Program