Attending to Children's Big Emotions and Challenging Behaviour with Connection

What Parents say about

  • The Parenting by Connection Starter Class will build your ability to understand your child, read his behaviour, predict difficult moments and respond in  ways that lift the persistent difficulties from your life together. 

  • You'll learn the 6 unique Parenting by Connection listening tools that will help you feel better connected to your child and to other parents, and help you love and help your child the way you've always wanted to. 

  • The class is interactive and you will be practising what you learn between classes and learning from other parent's experience.  Class size is limited to ensure you get great attention to your parenting questions.


Why a Parenting by Connection Starter Class?         
What some professionals had to say ...         


In the 'Toddler Room' we find that, using the Parenting by Connection approach, the children are genuinely sharing. Their sharing is not due to adult expectations, but because they want to share.

Also, they have respect for equipment and are very engaged. Blackwood Community Children's Centre



"The program gave us a way to address the children's emotions and off-track behaviour that resulted in our whole centre becoming calmer and more playful." Happy Valley Community Children's Centre



"As an Area Manager of 8 centres, I have developed skills to assist in training and mentoring our centre employees and have begun this project." Childcare Centre Area Manager


"That was, without a doubt, the best professional development I've ever undertaken - it was gold. It blew me away." Family Services Co-ordinator

Everything is so powerful and positive. I now see tantrums as a positive thing - a healing process. I see that my children acting out is a positive thing - they are trying in the best way they can to tell me that all is not well with them and that they are feeling hurt and overwhelmed - there is no such thing as "throw away behaviour". It's wonderful to have the tools to help my children back to being themselves. With these tools and this information , I can be a powerful parent and a leader within my family, not a victim to my children's behaviour. When that gets hard, I know to try to get some support - especially a Listening Partnership."  Bernie



"I’ve gone to a number of professionals and spent quite a bit of money trying to find out what’s “wrong” with my daughter.  Parenting by Connection has completely clicked.  This is the thinking and understanding I needed, along with the Listening to Children tools.  Most of rest was a wild goose chase."  Penny 



"I'm not scared of my child's emotions or off-track behaviour any more, as I have the tools to deal with anything!  Participation in the Skillbuilding Groups is socially stimulating and helps you think well and feel strong."  Crystal



"The course showed me another way that I could be a parent.  I can feel my parenting progressing, rather than staying in a holding pattern.  A shift is happening, which is building its own momentum.  Big changes - no more dummies, less fights over daily tasks like brushing teeth and play.  More fun in our life and laughs."  Vanessa