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Welcome! Parents, carers and professionals working with parents and children


Emotional connection is vital to children's well being and development



We teach powerfully-effective listening tools that resource parents to meet children’s deepest emotional needs. 


Parenting by Connection tools build and rebuild emotional connection. 


Our approach is unique in having developed tools that heal the underlying tensions that drive behaviour off-track.



Parenting by Connection changes behaviour from the inside out.

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"Thank you for your passion and commitment to parents. I am more confident as a parent and, while people may judge me, and I won't be perfect, I'm doing my best which is the best I can do."  Rachel


​​"I learnt what listening to children really means and how important it is for parents to have the right support and tools so that they are able to listen." Muna


"I learnt how important it is to keep the connection with your child to build their emotional intelligence. I realised how differently children behave when they are connected, compared to when they are disconnected. This course teaches you what your children need - the love that you have to give them. It helps you to get rid of some stereotyped ideas that may limit your natural way of being a parent." Paolo


"Everything is so powerful and positive. I now see tantrums as a positive thing - a healing process. I see that my children acting out is a positive thing - they are trying in the best way they can to tell me that all is not well with them and that they are feeling hurt or overwhelmed - there is no such thing as 'throw away behaviour". It's wonderful to have the tools to help my children back to being themselves. With these tools and this information, I can be a powerful parent and a leader within my family, not a victim to my children's behaviour. When that gets hard, I know to try to get some support - especially a Listening Partnership." Bernie 


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Parents love their children. Parents try hard. They do their best every single day.


Hand in Hand provides support and helpful information for new Mums and Dads on everything from Responding Well to Crying to Helping Baby Sleep to Handling the “Baby Blues” in these short, easy to use audio files. The New Parent Podcasts have been made available through a generous grant from the Bella Vista Foundation.


You will be able to download these to listen:


1. Parenting is an Emotional Project

2. Responding Well to Crying

3. Talk to Your Baby

4. Your Baby Thrives on Eye Contact

5. Creating a Baby-Friendly Environment

6. A Mother Talks About Listening to Baby Cry

7. Helping Your Baby Recover from a Difficult Birth


For dads

8. What to Do When Your Baby Cries

9. What Your Baby Needs from You

10. Building a Special Relationship with Your Baby

11. Building Support: Ideas for Dads


For moms

12. Recovering from a Difficult Birth

13. Handling the “Baby Blues”

14. Building Support: Ideas for Moms


For both

15. “I Used to Have Patience.”practical matters

16. Helping Baby Sleep

17. “I Helped My Baby Sleep,” One Mother’s Experience

18. When Your Baby is Afraid

19. Helping Your Baby with Colic

20. Helping Your Baby with Separation

21. Helping an Older Child Accept Your Baby

22. Please Don’t Tickle Your Baby

23. Helping Baby at the Doctor’s


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